Answering the Big Question: So What Do You Eat???

The most common question that I get from anyone that I talk to about this Whole 30 deal is, “What DO you eat???”  When you tell people about all of the things you can’t eat for the month, naturally people lose their minds.  I get, “No cereal?!”, “No beans?!?!”, and “I would starve!” all the time.  The truth is, there are more than enough vegetables and ways to prepare those vegetables to keep every meal different.  Normally, we kinda lean on the same proteins (fish, shrimp, grass-fed beef, chicken, and some pork), but we try to dress em up with different sides and salads all the time.  As a result, we have become MUCH better and MUCH more interested lil chefs.  Eating a less-processed diet is a great way to learn to cook quickly. 

Speaking of learning to cook…I do it via ‘Google’ and the Food Network, and I encourage you to use both.  The Food Network cooking shows make for great “Hey…do we have anything good to watch in our DVR queue?” stuff.  These chefs do this for a living and they are on TV all day trying to teach you tricks…let them.  With teaching and learning in mind, I decided to walk you through perhaps the easiest Whole 30-compliant meal that we eat almost every day.  This meal is the best because you can do it a different way every time you make it, and it is a great way to load up on veggies.  This meal is an omelet!  It is easy (one pan!), and it is versatile.  If you can make one, you will always have a go-to healthy meal.  Follow me and you’ll be like that guy in the good hotel breakfast buffet in no time…

Here we go…
You need (per person):
2 strips of bacon (optional recommended)
3 eggs, beaten with a pinch of salt and pepper (feel free to add fresh herbs too)
Any assortment of vegetables, chopped
Olive oil (if you opt out of the bacon)

1. Lay bacon strips in a cold pan and turn heat to medium.  Cook until browned and crispy turning often. Transfer to paper towels to drain.
Goooood stuff.
2. Saute chopped veggies in the bacon grease on medium heat until they are soft.  Don’t worry, you will not have a heart attack if you cook in the bacon grease.  Obviously, if you aren’t using bacon, start here and use olive oil.
Remember: larger/denser veggies will take longer than leafy ones.
3. Turn heat down to medium low (important...eggs should be cooked at lower heat), and add beaten egg mixture directly to veggies.
I added some spinach right before the eggs.
4. KEY STEP!  As the edges of the egg begin to cook, use a flexible spatula to lift them off the pan and tilt towards that edge to let uncooked egg run underneath.  Continue to do this until there is no more running and the entire omelet is loose from the pan.
The liquidy egg should run right in there.
5. With a flick of the wrist (and some messy practice failures), flip the omelet over for about 30 seconds to 1 minute on the other side.  
6. While plating it with the bacon, let it slide off of the plate and fold in half.
Done deal. I added some sliced avocado for some good fat and flava.
Boom.  You just made breakfast, lunch, or dinner with many servings of veggies, plenty of protein and fat, and pure Whole 30 goodness. 

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