A New Blog for a New Challenge

Hello my friends!  So I decided to start blogging when Alexis and I decided to do a big time, all-out food challenge called the Whole 30.  If you have never heard of it, it’s basically committing to eating only fresh vegetables, good clean meats and seafoods, fruits, nuts, and seeds for 30 days…NO exceptions.  So this means: no booze, no bread, no beans, no rice, no dairy, no sweeteners…no nothin’ except for what I listed earlier. 
Why would we want to do this, you ask?  I did a similar, less strict “experiment” last spring, and the results were awesome.  I had more energy and less stomach than I can ever remember having.  Ever since that, I have been a believer, but I have never gone 100%.  So to answer “Why do this?”…it’s simple: because I like this kinda thing, and I want to look and feel good.  You want the same things, don’t lie. 

Anyways…this blog is half accountability tool for Alexis and me and half guidebook/motivation for anyone else with a crazy “get-skinny-quick” idea.  That said, day one was March 7, 2011.  I will post a “progress report” picture of us both every week while we are Whole 30ing (see day one pics below), and I will update the blog as often as possible with food logs, recipes, pictures, and workouts that we do along the way.


The goal is to really push to see how far we can go for one month and to learn some stuff along the way.  Also, feel free to participate…nobody likes not-drinking alone.


Matthew T Lawyer said...

Good luck to you both! Keep us posted along the way. Kate and I may be interested in joining in once we get back from our travels early next week.

Megs and Geo said...

geo & i wanna try, too! you are inspiring us to eat healthier! group paleo cooking sessions? :)

DBax said...

Thanks guys! We'll post food ideas next...just finished some shopping, so we're ready to roll!