No creamer in my coffee?!?!

I cannot remember a morning in years (seriously) that did not include a cup of coffee.  I would venture to guess that most of America shares my affection for this daily dose of black gold.  I have actually become a little bit of a coffee snob, so I have no problem drinking mine straight up black, no sweetener.  This was one Whole 30 hurdle that I did not have to worry about. 

My fianc√©, though, does NOT love black coffee.  She does LOVE flavored creamer.  Without it, she rarely finishes even a tiny cup.  Since I can’t stand wasting coffee, and she can’t stand drinking black coffee, she decided to search for a solution.  So resourceful.  After some trial and error, I am pleased to inform you, my Paleo/Whole 30/creamer-in-your-coffee loving friends, that there is an unprocessed, non-dairy, still delicious way to enjoy your morning cup.  Enter coconut milk.  This 'milk' is well respected in the Paleo nutrition world for its health benefits.  Even the mainstream LA Times showed it some love!  Don't buy the FDA fat percentage daily allowance blah blah blah garbage.  Go buy a couple cans from the market right now, then do like Alexis did:

Pour a small can of the coconut milk into a Tupperware container or jar.
Add cinnamon (start slow, you can always add)
Scrape out some vanilla bean. Slice in half, longways, and run the knife alone the inside and use what comes off.  If you use vanilla extract, a bit of that works fine, too (again, go easy at first).
Whip it up with a little whisk or fork until it feels thick enough for you.
Add it to your coffee to taste.
Store in the fridge (makes it seem like whipped cream).

Happy to report that she is now finishing her cup regularly…I have even been known to spice up my cup lately with her new little coconut-cinnamon-vanilla goodness. 

Btw…there are a million ways to use the rest of the coconut milk that you just went to the store to buy…I feel a nice curry recipe coming soon…but in the meantime, hopefully all of you Whole 30 adopters can enjoy your cup of coffee just a little bit more.  Let me know what you think!


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