Whole 30 Halftime

Today marks two weeks into our Whole 30 adventure.  Had a prettttttty tough weekend turning down free wine tastings while looking for wedding venues, but we survived cheat-free.  I think I definitely miss a good beer or a glass of wine most, so we picked up some solid celebratory bottles for day 31.

I had to at least pretend for a second

So after total compliance for 14 days, I have noticed the biggest difference in my joints.  For the past few months, I have been trying to get back to full speed with some knee issues after surgery last year.  Two weeks in, and the knee feels great.  There’s much less catching and stiffness, and I am able to recover from a tough workout much faster.   Definitely something to be said about reducing inflammatory foods to help heal from injury.  Everything feels a little less creaky. 

I have also been taking a fish oil supplement to help the healing even more…I started out taking the recommended dosage, then I stumbled on this fish oil calculator.  If you take any fish oil now, try to plug your numbers into this site…I was waaaaay underestimating the amount I needed, and you probably are too.  Tip: take the bigger doses with food or you get some gnarly burps.  

Anyways, I am happy to report that this Whole 30 plus fish oil is doing what I hoped it would.  With that said…time for some progress pics…

Day 1 vs Day 14

Noticeable changes…and we are only halfway there! 

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